How to prevent infection with delta virus?

"Delta virus" is more threatening than conventional COVID-19. People can get sick 1-3 days after being infected with delta strain. The infectivity is twice that of ordinary strain, and can spread for 5 generations within 10 days.Delta has become the most important virus in the global epidemic. It has several new characteristics in clinical manifestations: strong virus transmission, better adaptation to the human body, fast replication, high load in the body, slow negative conversion of patients, long treatment time and so on.
In order to prevent infection with delta virus, we must vaccinate in advance.
Whether vaccinated or not, the first protective measure is to wear a mask.
The delta strain is a variant strain of COVID-19. Its transmission route is spread through respiratory droplets and close contacts. Substances contaminated by virus contamination may also cause infection, and there may be aerosol transmission in relatively closed environment.
Therefore, it is still important to wear masks to cover the mouth and nose and protect the respiratory tract.
The new crown vaccine still has a good preventive and protective effect on Delta mutant strain. It can reduce the risk of virus transmission in the population, reduce the transmission power of infected people, and effectively reduce the severe incidence and mortality after infection.
However, the protective efficacy of all vaccines is difficult to reach 100%. Individual differences and immune escape of virus mutation to the existing vaccines will lead to a few "breakthrough infections", that is, pathogens break through the vaccine line of defense, leading to people who have completed vaccination to be infected with diseases that the vaccine should have prevented.
The elderly and those suffering from basic diseases are high-risk groups that develop into severe and even death after "breaking through infection". Without the formation of an immune barrier, COVID-19 is still prone to spread.
So even if novel coronavirus pneumonia is vaccinated, when wearing a lift or public transport, fever or cough, when wearing a new crown or poorly ventilated public place, it is appropriate to wear masks when going to hospital.
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