Will Omicron be the terminator of the new crown pandemic?

Recently, the Omicron strain has been threatening, and the strain has become the main COVID-19 strain in many countries in a short time. But the good news is that it may be a "natural vaccine", and Omicron can enhance immunity without causing serious diseases. The source of discovery of Omicron strain - South Africa, local researchers recently found that the severe rate and mortality caused by Omicron strain are decreasing. Because Omicron is highly infectious, it quickly replaces delta strain with stronger pathogenicity. In addition, it can bring strong immune protection. It is simply a powerful vaccine. If this study is confirmed by other people, then 2022 may be the end of COVID-19.

Through the analysis of new coronal cases in countries in four continents around the world, under the sweeping of Omicron, new coronal cases basically began to surge. However, from the current data, after infected with Omicron strain, a few days later, most of the infected persons will heal themselves, which is equivalent to having an influenza, and after infection with Omicron, the onset of the disease is fast and the recovery is fast. So, why can the Omicron strain make the new crown "retreat"? As Omicron strain becomes the main strain in various countries, it causes mild disease and can make the human body produce enough neutralizing antibodies. When we encounter the more deadly delta strain, there will be no secondary infection, so as to protect us from the impact of delta and other more deadly strains. The Omicron strain acts as a "specific" vaccine.

Omicron have a fever, chills, headache and sore throat. These symptoms do not seem to distinguish between influenza and Omicron variants. The latest research results of CDC in the United States also show that most of the symptoms caused by Omicron mutant are mild, the incubation period is very short, only about three days, and most of the symptoms are mild, which is one of the reasons why CDC will shorten the recommended isolation time to only five days. But some of the symptoms caused by Omicron mutants are not common influenza. "A unique feature of the new crown is the loss of smell and taste. The Omicron mutant also has these characteristics, which can not be found in the common cold virus," said an infectious disease expert at a medical center in San Diego, California

At present, the number of cases caused by Omicron mutant has increased rapidly all over the world during the New Year holiday. Although there is evidence that the infection is not so serious, a large number of cases still put great pressure on hospitals. At the same time, Omicron mutant is driving away the more deadly delta strain, but it increases the infection rate and hospitalization rate of children, which also needs our vigilance.

Through all ages, the symptoms caused by Omicron are relatively mild, except under the age of 20, which needs our attention. In addition, the problem brought by Omicron is the sequelae of the new crown.

A long time ago, a stirring among the dry bones and the presence of COVID-19 could cause many new infections.

Therefore, our preliminary conclusion: whether Omicron can promote the end of the new crown pandemic needs time to be verified. At present, we still need to insist on vaccinating and wearing masks. After all, Omicron also has a certain mortality rate and sequelae waiting for further research by scientists.

Don't use Omicron as a vaccine.

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