China's new COVID-19 special effects unveiled

According to the global network, the world's first specific drug for the treatment of new crowns - intravenous covid-19 human immunoglobulin (pH4) was unveiled at this year's service trade fair. After submitting the data, the State Drug Administration has officially allowed the specific drug to enter the clinical trial stage.

Bioforce-aid reminds you that you should still wear a mask even if you are vaccinated before the epidemic is over.

New crown specific drugs bring hope to end the epidemic

At present, there are few specific drugs that can effectively deal with the new crown all over the world. China is the first country to launch the new crown specific drugs. At present, there is no news that other countries have developed specific drugs and listed them. The specific drug is based on plasma with new crown antibody. However, when the drug was studied last year, China took the lead in curbing the spread of the epidemic, so it failed to obtain a large number of plasma from rehabilitated people, which had a great impact on the drug research and development process.

However, the plasma used by Chinese organisms today is the plasma of vaccinated healthy people, which also contains a large number of antibodies. In other words, China Bio has solved the problem of raw material production, which lays the foundation for the large-scale production of the drug after clinical trials.

Research in China has made rapid progress

According to Chen Kun, Secretary of China biological discipline inspection commission, several patients infected with the epidemic situation in recent years have used the drug, and the overall effect is good. According to the treatment results, the effect of the drug was not weakened by the mutated virus, the cure rate was up to 100%, and there was no death.
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