5 wrong mask wearing methods

Error 1: wear a mask for a long time

Some people wear a mask for several days. In fact, it is very unsanitary. After wearing the mask, it will be covered with dust, bacteria and other pollutants in the air, and the interior will also be covered with water vapor and saliva with bacteria and viruses. Therefore, if a mask is worn for several days, it is easy to cause secondary pollution, thus affecting health. So the right approach changes every day.

Error 2: put the mask in the bag after wearing it

Some people habitually put the removed mask in the pocket or bag. In fact, this is also very unsanitary, because money and things are often placed in the pocket and handbag, which can easily lead to mask infection and put it into the original microorganism, which is easy to cause disease when worn again. The correct way is to prepare a clean plastic bag. After wearing the mask each time, fold the inside of the mask inward, put it in the plastic bag, and then put it in the pocket or handbag.

Error 3: wear "air leakage mask"

Some people think they are wearing masks, but they are not. Because a very important step was missed - the nose clip did not fit completely.

There is no fit above the mask, the exhaled gas runs to the glasses, and external viruses and other harmful microorganisms also enter between the mask and the cheek.

In other words, wearing a mask like this is almost equal to not wearing it.

There is a gap between the mask and the face, and the air flow during breathing will flow to the gap, which will seriously reduce the filtering effect of the mask.

The correct approach is: press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands and stretch them downward to make the mask free of wrinkles. The purpose of this is to make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose, so as to better cover the nose and mouth, so as to achieve better wearing effect.

Press the nose, close to the chin, the tighter the better.

Error 4: touching the outside of the mask when removing the mask

Masks can block harmful viruses and bacteria, and the outermost layer must be the dirtiest.

There are two main ways of spreading New Coronavirus: droplet transmission and contact transmission. We block the droplets through masks. If we remove them directly from the outside by hand, it opens the channel of contact transmission for the virus.

If you forget to wash your hands, touch your nose and rub your eyes, the virus will unknowingly enter the human body. Originally used to block viruses and bacteria, masks have become the communicators of diseases.

For the correct method of removing masks, remember two points:

Don't touch the outside of the mask, just hold the ear rope and remove it.

Wash hands after taking off the mask. Do not take off the mask without washing conditions

Error 5: the mask is sprayed with alcohol or cooked at high temperature

The outer layer of the mask has a similar water blocking effect. If a large amount of alcohol or high-temperature cooking is used to treat the mask, the outer material will be denatured, the blocking ability to water (blood and saliva) will be reduced, and the filtering function of the mask will be greatly reduced or even ineffective.
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