Disposable medical masks type IIR

Bioforce-aid 3ply disposable medical mask EN14683 reaches the requirements of disposable medical masks type IIR standards. Compared with type I and type II disposable medical mask,3ply disposable medical face mask EN14683 shall meet the requirement of splash resistance.


European medical mask standard


EN14683: 2019 (medical mask)

Medical mask types

Type I

Type II

Type II R





Respiratory resistance( pressure difference)

<40 Pa/cm2

<40 Pa/cm2

<60 Pa/cm2

Splash resistance (synthetic blood penetration)

Not required

Not required


Microbiological index

≦30 cfu/g

≦30 cfu/g

≦30 cfu/g

3ply disposable medical mask EN14683 of Qingdao Bioforce-aid is strictly in conformity to the above type II R standards.

In order to meet the standards of 3ply disposable medical mask EN14683, Bioforce-aid’s production of disposable medical masks type IIR are produced in a clean and sterile environment.

Process of operators entering the workshop:

1. The operator enters the hall and sits on the partition to change shoes

2. Enter the changing room, take off your coat, hat, scarf, etc., and then lock them in your locker; Wash hands, dry, spray alcohol and disinfect hands.

3. Enter the second changing room, change the work cap, work clothes, work shoes and mirror in the order of first up and then down, and check whether the clothes are neat;

4. Enter the air shower and walk out after the air shower. Once again use alcohol to spray hands for disinfection, you can enter the production clean area.

Package of 3ply disposable medical face mask EN14683:

10 pc/pouch, 200 pouches /outer carton

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